Welcome to the Constitution Party of North Carolina’s Website

If you’re looking for a party that truly values “Principle over Politics,” and limited constitutional government, then look no further. The Constitution Party of North Carolina, state affiliate of the nation’s largest third party(according to Ballot-Access News), strongly believes in a strict adherence to the Constitution of the United States as intended by the founding fathers of our great nation. We believe in the intrinsic value of life, and to that end we are the only 100% Pro-Life political party in the state of North Carolina, and nationally. We recognize and wholly support the right of the citizen to be armed, to own property and to worship as they see fit without government interference. The Constitution Party of North Carolina vigorously opposes all socialist government programs that take from one citizen to give to another and the erosion of our borders and sovereignty through such auspices as the North American Community (Union) and the Security and Prosperity Partnership. Help us to take our state back, and to make North Carolina not only the “First in Flight” but the “First in Freedom.”